Although the Internet was born in 1983, it is in the last decade when its potential has developed thanks to Smartphones. This is assuming a CHANGE in which new markets, new trades, new ways of communicating arise. A new hyperconnected scenario in which COMMUNICATION becomes very important.

The video is a non-intrusive methodology of approaching potential customers and allows transmitting values. Much more important and durable fidelity. It allows users to know the identity of the brands and identify themselves, generating an economic impact.
The Video will help your website to position itself at SEO level in Google and other search engines, which facilitates viral marketing. It will create a greater impact of Branding since the videos are not only consumed, they are also shared in bulk.

Last Horse Studio is a (Micro) Producer based in Donostia-San Sebastián, which generates Brand Film and Branded Content for brands to better convey their message. Creating a REAL link between the BRAND and its potential CLIENTS.

We work the 5 phases of any audiovisual project (Development, Preproduction, Production, Postproduction and Distribution), putting at your disposal the coordination of our entire network of partners with the aim of making a brand.

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